xoirino psaronefri

Stuffed pork tenderloin with evlogia Fig spread with Walnut aroma and goat cheese.

Ingredients: For 2 servings

400 g (14.11 oz) pork tenderloin

120 g (4.23 oz) goat cheese

80 g (2.82 oz) Evlogia Fig spread with Walnut aroma

olive oil


30 g (1.06 oz) butter

30 g (1.06 oz) Muscat Rio Patras wine

20 (0.71 oz) fig walnut jam

20 (0.71 oz) onion, chopped

beef stock gel (1 pod)

fresh thyme

salt and freshly ground pepper

4 pcs baby (or mini) carrot

2 pcs spring onion

baby potatoes


Clean and cut the tenderloin, then fill it with the jam and the goat cheese. Roll and tie it. Sauté the tenderloin on both sides (at a very hot temperature) and finish it in the oven at a moderately hot temperature (185-190° C, 160-170° C fan-assisted, 350-375° F, Gas Mark 4-5) for 20 minutes.


Gravy: Sauté the onion with half the butter until it caramelizes. Then quench with the wine and add the beef stock gel (dissolving it first in water). Allow it to boil until you take out half the gel mixture and add the fig walnut jam. Allow the boiling to continue. At the end, season with salt and pepper. Add fresh thyme as a flavoring and combine the sauce with the remaining butter.


Garnish: Wash the vegetables and then boil them with the carrots and onions until they become soft. Sauté until they shine. Boil the potatoes until they soften and sauté them with butter after you have first crushed them by hand. Add thyme to give some flavor.


Presentation: First, place the gravy in the center of the dish then cut the tenderloin in two parts and place them on top of the gravy. Decorate with the vegetables and the potatoes respectively.

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