Cherry tomato salad, purple amaranths and dressing from evlogia Orange & Ouzo jam

Ingredients for 4 servings:

cherry tomatoes

purple amaranths

Evlogia Orange & Ouzo jam

olive oil


Evlogia Afrala salt

Katiki cheese (soft and creamy)


Add some Evlogia Afrala salt and some oil on the bottom of the salad bowl. Then, cut the cherry tomatoes in half, place them in the salad bowl and add half a teaspoon of Evlogia Afrala salt. Boil the purple amaranths and once they cool down, put them on top of the cherry tomatoes. Prepare the dressing (depending on the amount of cherry tomatoes). One to two tablespoons of Evlogia Orange & Ouzo jam, two tablespoons of oil and some vinegar. Beat them and pour the cherry tomatoes and the purple amaranths, into this mixture. For decoration, pour over the salad one or two tablespoons of Katiki cheese and some jam.

Any green salad would also be an alternative, suitable as the base ingredient.

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