We are Potamitis family, who like to create unique flavors with products free of preservatives and sugar and collect them from our wider region.

We are located at Pinakades farm, where we produce our products. We make special jams, standardize peanut butter, tahini and honey.

Our Farm is located in the village of Trikorfo Nafpaktia and extends over an area of 84 acres, next to the Evinos River in a rare natural beauty

We stand out because we make handmade jams from whole fruits cut by hand and chose to make our product only with natural sugars, without added sugar, other sweeteners or preservatives. Their sweet taste comes only from fruit and fruit juice and their processing is done in a plant equipped with the latest technology production line, respecting the environment. We manage all raw materials in mild heating conditions, in order to maintain the color and taste of the fruit in the best possible condition.

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The International Food Standard (IFS) is a standard that sets out the specific requirements for the safety, legality and quality of food to be met by companies
that process or package food.

The IFS has been recognized by the Global Food Safety Institute (GFSI) and is based on the principles laid down by the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP), giving particular attention to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and the Good Hygiene Practice (GHP).


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